Alpine Meadow

Alpine Meadow Group

This group opened in 1933. It is also known as the Mount Rainier Group, and according to older labeling was based on museum expeditions in 1931 and 1932. It depicts Paradise Valley and Mount Rainier on Washington State in early August, during the short period when these plants bloom. The background and plants were created by Ottmar and Hanne von Fuehrer. This group rounded out the group of four that anchor the hall, demonstrating the result of low levels of heat and low, but sufficient, levels of moisture.

Photo courtesy of CMNH.
From back of photo: Mt. Ranier Group (Renovated) In Botany Hall, Carnegie Museum 1942 – Russell P. Hay Photo
Arnica longifolia, or Spearleaf Arnica
Nothocalais alpestris, or Mountain False Dandelion
Aeshna cyanea, or Blue-eyed Darner