Warren Bog

Warren Bog Group

This diorama was completed in 1934 and is also known as the Pennsylvania Bog Group. It represents a bog in Warren County in Northern Pennsylvania in October. It was created by Ottmar and Hanne von Fuehrer. This group was also spearheaded by Otto Jennings. This and the subsequent dioramas he hoped for were chosen because they showed some kind of unique environment, in this case a quaking bog created by an ancient glacier. They also are all in Pennsylvania.

From back of photo: Pennsylvania Bog Group (Renovated) In Botany Hall, Carnegie Museum 1942 – Russel P. Hay Photo
Hygrocybe miniata, or Vermilion Waxcap
Ganoderma tsugae, or Hemlock Varnish Shelf
Toxicodendron vernix, or Poison Sumac