Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert Group

This group opened in 1929, and is also known as the Arizona Cactus Desert. It depicts the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona (“a few miles south of Tucson with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the distance” and based on an expedition in 1927, according to an early label). The background and plants were made by Ottmar and Hanne von Fuehrer, assisted by Carl Beato. One of Jennings’ original grouping of four, this group exemplifies lots of heat but little moisture.

From back of photo: Arizona Desert Group (Renovated) In Botany Hall, Carnegie Museum 1942 – Russel P. Hay Photo
Ferocactus wislizeni, or Barrel cactus, red form 
Echinocereus, or Rainbow Cactus
Carnegiea gigantea, or Saguaro Cactus