Spring Flora

Pennsylvania Spring Flora Group

This group was completed in 1928, and is also known as the Pennsylvania Spring Flower Group, Pennsylvania Wildflower Group, Local Flora Group, Laurel Group, and today identified as the Laurel Highlands. It was created by Ottmar and Hanne Von Fuehrer, and was sponsored by the Garden Club of Allegheny County. It was designed to show the plants of the Laurel Valley in Southwestern Pennsylvania as they may appear around May 1st. This was the first diorama conceived by the CMNH’s first Curator of Botany, Otto Jennings. It was one of a group of four that he envisioned anchoring the Hall of Botany and demonstrating the effects of heat and moisture. This group shows the results of moderate levels of both.

Photo courtesy of CMNH.
Erythronium americanum, or Common Trout Lily
Gaylussacia baccata, or Fire Pink Huckleberry
Trillium grandiflorum, or Large-flowered Trillium